Research Participation Opportunities

AMPS is happy to advertise opportunities to participate in research studies in psychology and music.
Disclaimer: AMPS does not accept any responsibility for the studies advertised and all enquiries should be directed to the investigator.

Music Listening Habits Study

Our Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience lab at McGill University is conducting a study to better understand how people start liking new music. A part of this involves distribution of a fun survey to a large group of participants. We would be very grateful if you would be willing to complete this 15 minute survey. There are draws for two monetary prizes! ($100 each)

We are trying to distribute this as widely as possible (internationally) the results will become more valid as more people fill it out. If you would be willing to forward it along to any mailing lists, friends, or family, we would be very appreciative! Please note that with every person that you send it to who completes the questionnaire and provides your email address as the source of referral, you get an additional ballot in the second draw!

Also, please note that all personal information is kept strictly confidential.

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How is contemporary Australian adolescent psychology mirrored in this group's music choices?

One of my students who is currently doing her HSC has been in contact with your organisation regarding a project she is doing for Society and Culture. We intuit that you would have key perspectives and information that could be of great benefit to her project.

She is struggling to find experts in this area and it seems like your organisation deals explicitly with her core investigation. As such she is very excited at the prospect of making contact with you.

She would greatly appreciate the opportunity to interview somebody associated with your organisation as soon as possible.

This project is due on August 15th so it would be necessary to complete this interview process no later than the August 5th. Please let me know if you can arrange anything to aid with this as soon as you are able.

Contact CAIRO GAWNE for more information

Musical Imagery and Expertise Study at MARCS Auditory Laboratories (Australia)

Investigator: Laura Bishop

Participants: Beginners or skilled musicians on any instrument

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How Is Your Personality Related to Your Pereception of Music and Films?

Investigator: Wendy Wong

Participants: 18-55 year olds

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Music Engagement – Measurement, Associations and Application

Investigator: TanChyuan Chin

Participants: People with a strong interest in music (either as performers or listeners), between the ages of 18 and 55 years

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