What you need to know when moving from East Coast to West Coast

So you’ve decided to move to Perth but not sure where to start.  There’s probably a thousand things going through your head and your heart’s racing to catch up to your thoughts.  How am I going to move? Where do I find interstate removalists? Are you thinking of driving or flying? What about my dog?  These are all valid questions and they just keep popping into your head, its normal to feel a little anxious and not knowing what lies ahead.  Here we will guide you through what you need to know when moving interstate to Perth.

Find reputable interstate removalists

In this day and age, finding interstate removalists Perth is as easy as clicking a few buttons and comparing removalists quotes.  Keep in mind that you are moving to the other side of the country, so don’t just hand over all your personal belongings when a removalists gives you an unbeatable price. Do your research into the removalist, read reviews and experiences, are they a legitimate removalist or is there a chance you won’t see your possessions again?  Always have a signed written contract that clearly states the items being moved, dates, pricing and terms.  Businesses must always give you a receipt for anything over $75, if they don’t, ask for a receipt, it must include supplier’s name, ABN or ACN, date, product or service and date.

Moving options

Shifting from one end of the country to the other is quite significant; you’re not only moving yourself but all your possessions and belongings.  It can be expensive and if you’re not insured, it can give you a lot of heartache.  Don’t assume that a removalist’s business insurance covers damage or loss to your possessions, it simply covers their public liability.  You would think your home and contents insurance would cover your items if lost or damaged think again, not when in transit.  Call your provider to confirm otherwise make sure you get transit insurance.

Understand the Interstate quarantine laws

Australia has some of the strictest border controls in the world, not understanding what is prohibited to be brought within a state when moving interstate is no excuse.  Contaminants from other states can bring in diseases and destroy industries, when this happens it can cost the industry and community millions of dollars. It is important to read about interstate quarantine here.

Getting to your new home

Depending which part of the east coast you’ll be leaving, it will take an average of 3950km to get to your new home, this is about 45 hours of driving or 6 days travel with 8 hours of driving per day.  Unless you’re really eager to take the road trip, it is strongly recommended that you make arrangements to travel by air.